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Even it up campaign

Even it up campaign

Help us to say "no tax dollars in tax havens" on http://evenitup.dk/

We live in a world full of contrasts. Nowhere is this clearer than between the extremely rich and the rest of us. In England alone serves the 100 best paid CEOs 131 times as much as their average employee. And in South Africa, a worker in a platinum mine work in 93 years just to earn an average of Director's annual bonus.

The world's billionaires, according to our calculations so rich that a tax of just 1.5 percent of their assets could have saved 23 million lives since the financial crisis began. Instead, our governments not only allowed the rich to get richer, but has also given them access to have excessive influence on policy that affects us all.

We need to act - Inequality is not just about massive differences in pay and political influence. It affects us all by hindering economic growth, creates corruption and stands in the way that we can eradicate poverty. It is also fuel for other inequalities gap between women and men and crushes the hopes and aspirations of the millions of people who do not have access to education and health, as they can afford.

When inequality is so extreme, it is the result of political and economic choices. With extreme wealth follows power and influence. We live in a world where the rules are for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many. So while the few get richer, the poorest lagging behind.

About the author:


Anne Catherine Bajard
Country Director, Liberia
M: +231 888 859 330
E: acb@ibisliberia.org


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