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"People would see us as a bunch of zombies"

In August 2014, as the Ebola epidemic tightened its grip on West Africa, Morris Gbessagee's life changed dramatically. He had to suddenly take on the responsibility of running IBIS' office in Liberia while also dealing with the consequences for his family. Here Morris, Deputy Governance Director for IBIS Liberia, explains how the epidemic has affected IBIS, the people of Liberia, and himself.

Sylvie's story

Sylvie Djohi is a refugee from Ivory Coast. Today she is first and foremost chef and owner of a small restaurant. She is one of the young people who, through IBIS' education project, have been given the chance to spend time in the refugee camp constructively. She has taken cooking classes and trained in business operations. Today, her restaurant is so popular that she, in addition to her neighbours in the refugee camp, has several Liberian customers who come from nearby villages to eat.

Women's participation in 2015 district-level elections

When the elections get underway, IBIS would be more concerned about how many women would be contesting these elections and what the outcomes would be. Women have to overcome several hurdles first to contest the elections and then to run victory bringing campaigns. Only a few women make it and this has led to the situation where women, though the majority, are marginalised in decision making from the local levels through to the national level.


Even it up campaign

The gap between the rich and poor is spiralling out of control. Just 85 individuals have the same wealth as half the people on our planet.

Such extreme economic inequality is standing in the way of ending global poverty, and widening other inequalities like the gap between women and men.
It is time to Even it up!

Ebola handshake

Share the video and take a self portrait - a "selfie" - with a friend or stranger and post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ebolahandshake. Don't forget to tag 3 friends and help spread the new greeting while creating awareness of the situation in West Africa.